May Book of the Month

Where do you get your books? From a brick and mortar book store? Amazon? Swap with friends? Library? Other?

Most of the books I read are borrowed from the library. I make a weekly trip to my local library to pick up and return books. Conveniently, my library has a drive-up window to make this as easy (read: lazy) as possible. Once, my mother was in the car with me when I made this weekly trip. She was flabbergasted that I could do all this book borrowing/exchanging/returning at a drive-up window. She suggested that, next time, I also order a latte to go. (The window attendant did not find this nearly as humorous–or, likely, as “novel”–as we did, no pun intended. Ha!)

The last book I read, however, was acquired at the beach. There was a “take a book, leave a book” shelf in the beach home we were renting last summer. I took advantage of this swap and selected Distant Shores by Kristin Hannah. This book then sat in my office for nine months while I plowed through my library list. 

Distant Shores book cover

Finally, my library queue complete, it was time to read Distant Shores. While this book was not nearly as good as Hannah’s The Nightingale, it was a quick, easy read. So, if you’re looking for a beach book and don’t mind a formulaic plot or predictable ending, check it out. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to get it with a latte to go. 

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