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Hello, World!



This is the suggested header for the “first post.” Here I will admit several things:

  1. I have been a writer in some capacity since 1994.
  2. I completed my first novel in 2015. It is currently doing the submission rounds.
  3. I am pretty terrified of technology. I put off creating this “platform” for weeks. Months. I had a blog before. On blogger. I did not particularly enjoy or understand the whole “blogging” process. I prefer to post on Facebook.
  4. This theme I’ve selected does not have social media icons?
  5. I have already spent hours–hours!–trying to create this site. Within minutes, my header image disappeared. I cannot figure out how to get it back. It’s either my name, or the image. I went with the name. I put the picture in this post. This picture–to me–represents a journey. We are all on a journey of some sort. Of many sorts. And the journey should be savored, one step–or one word–at a time. Right now, I am on a journey to find an agent. To get my book published. To figure out how to customize this @$!$ site!
  6. I am completely fried. I am hungry. So this is all for now.

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