Inauspicious Beginning

Media Mondays.

That was my plan. And, clearly, I am off to an inauspicious start as it is now Thursday. Not Monday. Unfortunately, on Monday, life conspired to prevent any website productivity. So here I am, three days late.

Since my last post, I did manage to find a way to keep my name and an image at the top of my page. I did this by switching themes. I also managed to add social media buttons at the bottom (yay, me!), an About page, and 3 Plug-ins. I am now trying to learn how to use those plug-ins, as I have a Badge I’d like to add. Slow and steady.

But this whole “author platform” business feels a bit uncomfortable, like putting the cart before the horse. Yes, I am an author. I have written my first novel. No, said novel is not yet published.  It is floating out there in cyberspace, hoping to find a home with the right agent. One who feels the potential, sees the value. Believes in my work.

Yet it has come to my attention that any author worth her salt (or worth an agent’s time) should be developing a platform. A social media presence. Courting readers, inviting followers. So that when said novel is finally published it will have an audience that has been anticipating it and is excited to read it!

Build it and they will come? We shall see.

But forget the cart. What I really want to do is get back on the horse. Creating content is what I do. What I love. This whole cart business? Way out of my comfort zone.

So thanks for reading and going on this journey with me (as my website photo depicts: Life is a journey . . . to be savored one step at a time.)


In future columns, I hope to take you on this journey with me, share with you the ugly truths and beautiful process of bringing a story to life and of getting that story into print and into your hands. I will let you in on the inspiration for the story, and divulge some behind-the-scenes snippets about the characters, as well as chapters that were sacrificed on the cutting room floor.

So stay tuned . . . the next Media Monday is just four days away!

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